Our Vision

We believe entrepreneurship is the path to creating unprecedented prosperity for billions of people around the world. We believe in the businesses that are building the present and an even better future. We believe in the optimistic and relentless spirit of the millions of people in business today. We believe our success comes from the success of the people in business.

Our vision is to power
a global platform that empowers people in business

Our vision is to power a global platform where millions of businesses around
the world come to start, grow and create prosperity. Successful and growing businesses need a network of advisors, users and applications to power their ambitions. At Megi, we envision a technology platform, with accounting at its core, where people in business easily build the systems that best support their business.



Our Mission

We have a clear mission: to make it easier everyday for businesses to start,
grow and thrive. Our mission starts with China-centric businesses:
those that do business in China or with Chinese partners.
We are making accounting and business management easier everyday.

we must make accounting easier for millions of China-centric businesses.

We do this by building software products with real people in mind.



Our Values

Our core values guide everything we do. They make up our unique culture,
our DNA: diversity, respect, integrity and passion.


Diversity makes us strong. It makes us bold. It makes us compassionate. It makes use unique. As company, we welcome people from different ethnic backgrounds, gender, age and religion. We value diversity of perspectives and of life experiences.


Respect is what makes us get along so we can build great products together. It is what make our diversity so powerful. Respect means that we welcome and equally value the different perspectives, experiences, beliefs and ideas that our people, customers and partners bring to us.


Integrity & Accountability

Integrity drives our decisions and our processes. It is what allows us to make bold moves in our markets. At Megi, we believe our decisions should withstand scrutiny years after they were made. In practice, it means we celebrate victories equally and we expect everyone to learn from mistakes.


We are passionate about business and about the people in business. It is what motivates us to build great products, innovative features and a dynamic ecosystem. Passion leads to personal commitment to our success. We welcome passion as the necessary ingredient in our success.




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